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Your content will be broadcast on Roku, Facebook, Periscope and YouTube. We want to make sure your content is attractive and very tasteful. What is Good Content? Content should be thought of as something that provides entertainment, information, or (ideally) both simultaneously. The most important consideration to make when creating good content is your audience. It’s impossible to make something interesting, informative, or fun without keeping the audience in mind throughout the entire content creation process. Perhaps more importantly, you should consider whether the content provides value to your audience in some way. Time is an incredibly precious commodity and it should be treated as such. If you create your content with the value of your audience’s time in mind, you’re much more likely to create something that is actually worth their time. Make sure video is clear and with good lighting. Remember, you want people to remember your business and your message, not just advert. Please remember to add a call to action at the end of each advert. Advising the viewer on what they should be doing next.

Look for clear images

PROHIBITED 1. The restrictions for content on these television networks are no pornographic content and no pirated content. 2.No political views of any sort are allowed on this channel. 3. Remember your video content represents who you are and your company. 4. ANY video that’s not in an mp4 format cannot be accepted. 5.No offensive language, personal attacks no improper comments that target any ethnic, racial, or religious group. Spam or certain links to other sites; or, are clearly off-topic/advert. 6. No Nude/profanity or any form of elicit behavior of any sort would not be accepted. All videos submitted must match the name of the registered person. Once your time allotted has expired the Best of the Best Television Network will no longer be responsible for advertising your video. Once the video is received. Please allow up to 24-48hrs for review. Rather than denied or approved you will receive an email confirming the status. No refunds for already approved videos. (If payment applies)

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